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Our Mandate

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The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), established in 1991 under KAA Act, Chapter 395 of the Laws of Kenya, provides facilitative infrastructure for aviation services between Kenya and the outside world. Its main functions are;

  • Administer, control and manage aerodromes,
  • Provide and maintain facilities necessary for efficient operations of aircrafts,
  • Provide rescue and fire fighting equipment and services,
  • Construct, operate and maintain aerodromes and other related activities,
  • Construct or maintain aerodromes on an agency basis on the request of any Government Department,
  • Provide such other amenities or facilities for passengers and other persons making use of the services or facilities provided by the Authority as may appear to the Board necessary or desirable; and
  • Approve the establishment of private airstrips and control of operations thereof.

The main airports we manage are:-

International Airports

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  • Moi International Airport
  • Eldoret International Airport
  • Kisumu Airport

Domestic Airports

  • Wilson Airport
  • Malindi Airport
  • Lokichoggio Airport
  • WajirAirport


  • Ukunda Airstrip
  • Manda Airstrip




Our Airports

Flight Schedule

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