In addition to the other security checks, customs officers may weigh and inspect all incoming luggage. Arriving passengers are therefore required to identify their baggage for inspection by the customs officers.

For more information on Customs Control at our airports, please take time to visit the KRA Customs Website

You can download the KRA Passenger Declaration (F88) Form here

Passport Control

All passengers terminating their journey in Nairobi or making domestic connections must pass through passport control desks set up at both arrival terminals. The visa fee structure is available at the immigration counters. An official receipt is issued for each transaction.

For More information please visit The Department of Immigration Website

Port Health

For vaccinations, port Health stations have been set up. The port health team ensures a healthy atmosphere within the airport and its environs. They also check the spread of communicable diseases. Passengers are advised to travel with their yellow fever cards if they come from countries that are required to take the vaccine, otherwise they will not be allowed in the country. There is a vaccination center at port health to provide such services.

For more information please visit The Ministry of Health Website


The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (Kephis) has set up desks at the arrivals terminals. Passengers are advised to ensure that they do not carry plant/ plant material without written authority from relevant authorities from the countries of origin. No plant/ plant material will be allowed into the country without this authorization.

For more information please visit The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services Website

Baggage Handling

At arrival terminals, passengers are reunited with their luggage at the set up baggage bays. Airline baggage services are also available at the hall for passengers who need more information on their luggage. Here, the passengers are also required to declare to the customs authorities. Baggage trolleys are available at the baggage hall and have been provided for use by passengers free of charge.

KAA Information Desks

The Kenya Airports Authority, which is responsible for managing the JKIA has set up information desks at various points of the airport tailored to serve both arriving and departing passengers. The KAA security section handles lost and found property. Passengers who lose items are advised to check with this section.

Domestic Arrivals

The domestic arrivals operations for Kenya Airways and Jambo Jet are at Terminal 1D while Terminal 2 serves all other airlines.