For your safety and that of your fellow travelers, all passengers as well as their carry-on and registered baggage are screened.
To speed up the security screening process, we kindly invite you to already make the following preparations while queuing:

Remove all metal objects such as keys, cell phones, coins from your pockets and place all these items in the plastic tray provided for this purpose
Take off your coat or jacket and place them in the plastic tray
Liquids & gels should be presented separately
Remove your laptop from its travel case for separate screening
Strictly follow the instructions given by the security agent

For security reasons, all hold baggage is screened.
If during this screening, the security agent suspects the presence of prohibited or dangerous goods, the our airport security team on the ground is allowed to open your bag or suitcase. As a rule the passenger is confronted with their baggage. In this case your baggage will be opened in your presence and the security staff will explain to you why an extra search is being performed.