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Eldoret International Airport
Airport Identification: HKEL, ELD
Longitude: 36 55.33’E
Latitude: 01 19.07’S
Elevation: 6847.97 feet above sea level
Transitional Altitude:
Run Way: There are two runways on one stretch
Designation 08 / 26.
The runway is 3,500 metres longy
Magnetic Variation: 1 W
Land Coverage: 762 hectares
Taxiways: The taxi-way system includes the following:
  • A Link taxiways 23 metres wide marked A and B
  • Holding bays at the western end of the runway. Holding 08
  • Loop taxi-ways at the northern threshold R/W26
Passenger Apron: The passenger apron is constituted of asphalt bays at the main gear positions of the aircraft. The other surrounding area is also asphalt and the airside road in front of The Terminal is concrete. The capacity offered by the current apron configuration is:
  • Three (1) wide bodied.e.g 767
  • Three (3) medium haul Airbus 300
  • Light A/c (4) Fokker 50 and dash 8
Terminal Building: The terminal building is arranged in an enlarged square of two areas:
  • International departure/Arrival
  • Domestic departures /arrivals

An administrative and technical area to the North of the terminal and freight to the South including:

  • Control tower
  • VIPs lounge
  • Passenger apron / freighter
  • Terminal building composed of departure unit, arrivals domestic and international
  • Service building for power and water supply
  • Police divisional office
  • Staff canteen
  • Several workshops
  • Water treatment plant
  • Health centre

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