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Welcome to Ukunda Airstrip

It’s a feeder Airstrip that deals mostly with tourists from south coast hotels taking them to and from national parks, lodges, airports and privately owned Airstrip. The main air operators are the charter companies on scheduled chartered basis, depending on tourism season that is Their clients are mostly tourist who would like to go on air safaris to the national parks, lodges and other airports.

It is normally cumbersome to have to take the ferry to get to hotels in the south coast so several tourists would prefer to fly Tourists are brought to the airstrip by the tour operators after having made all the necessary arrangements to go the destination as their booking. Most of the aircraft are parked at Moi International Airport. They usually come to Ukunda airstrip to pick their clients

They will also be able to take flights to Arusha or Zanzibar or Dar es-alaam once the immigration and customs have been put in place. Its expected that once the runway is extended much bigger aircraft will be able operate direct flights from either Wilson or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


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