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Cargo Facilities

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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is considered the regional hub for air transport and a number of carriers call on Nairobi for passenger and cargo traffic.

For the past 2 to 3 years, JKIA has witnessed a significant boost in air cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. There has also been a notable rise in imports from the Middle East and Asian countries making it an emerging force and destination in the air cargo industry. The airport is endowed with distinctive features such as:

• Modern cargo facilities with planned and ongoing capacity expansion

• It is a natural logistical and geographical hub, providing easy access from Nairobi to regional capitals and timely connections to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East

• A well established horticultural industry attracting cargo airlines to Nairobi for air cargo exports/imports

• Nairobi is the main entry to Kenya and the regional economic and trade centre advantages experienced by air cargo carriers at JKIA

• Market: robust and untapped potential

• Speed: short turnaround time

• Slots: adequate slots for up to 8 wide bodied freighters at any one time for offloading / loading

•Solutions:tailor made for freighters with transit sheds,ramp handlers,forwarders,industry and authorities.

Kenya is currently at second position after South Africa in cargo volume of 350,000 metric tonnes of horticultural produce exportation with a growth rate of 5%. JKIA currently has 5 cargo sheds and an apron that can accommodate 8 wide bodied aircraft at any given time to facilitating the processing and exportation of these produce. We are also developing and expanding cargo facilities at the Eldoret International Airport, Kisumu International Airport and Malindi Airport.

Transit Sheds currently present at JKIA.

1. Kenya Airfreight Handling Limited - KAHL

2. Transglobal Cargo Centre

3. Kenya Airways Cargo Centre

4. Siginon Freight

5. Swissport Cargo Complex

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