Cargo Handling at Eldoret International Airport

The Eldoret International Airport (EIA) has positioned itself as a regional cargo hub. The airport can accommodate medium-size haul planes such as Boeing B767 or Airbus 310. The existing structure can handle 1.5 million passengers, 62,000 tonnes of cargo and 36,000 aircrafts per year.

Cargo Facilities

EIA has two cargo facilities with a capacity to handle 1.2 million tonnes of cargo annually, and a cold storage capacity of 250 metric tonnes. The cargo facilities are Signon Freight Limited and CanKen International.

Signon Freight Limited

  • The export and import dry cargo area capacity is 150 metric tonnes;
  • The main cold room has a capacity of 20 metric tonnes at temperature 2° and 8°C; • Also available at Signon is a strong room, banking facility and business center.

CanKen International

  • The total area for pre-cooling owers is 314.88 sq ft at temperature 2° and 7°C;
  • The export area for flower cold storage is 944.64 sq ft at temperature 2° and 6°C;
  • The export area for pre-cooling vegetables is 209.92 sq ft at temperature 2° and 7°C;
  • The cold room for vegetables measures 629.76 sq ft at temperature 2° and 6°C;
  • 3 bonded warehouses of dry cargo capacity of 150 metric tonnes;
  • A standby generator service is provided by KAA with up to 25 kilowatt at maximum load.