Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

It is appreciated that KAA operates within social, economic and environmental dynamics that greatly influences management decisions and actions on her day to day operations. In this regard, the Corporate Strategic Plan is driven by KAA’s internal capabilities, exploitation of existing opportunities and management of her weaknesses, while controlling risks to the scheduled programmes and activities.

Environmental management and corporate social responsibility activities are considered as among the functions that KAA should emphasize on to meet the local and international best practices for airports as desired in the vision and mission statements. The strategic goal for the current KAA Strategic Plan with respect to social and environmental concerns calls for sustainable management of activities for the benefit of local communities and other stakeholders. Key CSR strategic objectives, therefore, include specific outputs and outcomes upon which the Authority’s performance on CSR will be judged.

KAA’s strategic goals:

  1. Build harmonious relationships with the local communities. This will ensure that the Authority avoids conflicts that could be a hindrance to successful implementation of the CSR plans.
  2. Capacity Building for staff on CSR issues. Employees are empowered through training and sensitization on basic concepts and the importance of CSR to the Authority for them to be able to assist the Authority drive all the CSR objectives.
  3. Formulate an effective communication Strategy. Communication is the heart of the success of CSR. It is the vehicle through which the impact of CSR is realised.
  4. Decentralise CSR activities to the various airports. Some level of autonomy in the execution of the plan will not only ensure relevance of the CSR initiatives to the intended beneficiaries but will also contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of the intended impact within the communities.
  5. Establish strategic partnerships on CSR. This represents best practices and exposes the Authority to other horizons through utilisation of synergies with such partnerships –“Unity is Strength.”
  6. Develop environmental conservation strategies. Conservation of environment is the way forward for self respecting institutions. Since the Authority deals with various airlines, it has direct interest in environmental conservation.


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