KAA Environmental Sustainability Policy

KAA is fully committed to achieving the highest possible standards of environmental management performance across all areas of its business to ensure safe and efficient aviation operations. All our activities will therefore be planned and managed in an environmentally responsible manner that support the principles of sustainable development.

In operating, maintaining and developing our airports, KAA is committed to:

  1. Complying with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and standards;
  2. Fostering an environmentally responsible culture amongst all KAA staff;
  3. Identifying, preventing, controlling and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment caused by KAA’s operations by taking appropriate action(s);
  4. Engage and influence our stakeholders with a view of identifying, preventing, controlling and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment caused by their activities and operations by taking appropriate action(s);
  5. Implementing specific measures and setting environmental objectives and targets to prevent pollution, minimize energy and materials consumption, conserve water and reduce waste at source;
  6. Communicating KAA’s environmental management policies and performance to all staff, stakeholders, National Regulators, tenants, customers and the community;
  7. Developing, implementing and maintaining an environmental management system in accordance with the principles of ISO 14001;2015 which includes setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets;
  8. Providing appropriate environmental training to all KAA staff, and third party suppliers and contractors (as required), to heighten understanding of their responsibilities;
  9. Dedicating the staff and resources necessary to meet these policy commitments;
  10. Incorporating environmental management objectives into KAA’s procurement process and improving environmental performance throughout the supply chain;
  11. Follow external trends and developments regarding environment/sustainability
  12. Continually measure, monitor and report the performance of KAA’ environmental management programme and identify opportunities for continual improvement; and
  13. Obtain and maintain carbon neutrality.

The key areas of action are:

  1. Energy use and reduction of the airport carbon footprint;
  2. Waste management;
  3. Community relations;
  4. Noise, Air Quality and Water management;
  5. Transport and surface access; and
  6. Preservation of biodiversity

Through active participation and commitment of all KAA staff and our stakeholders, we will strive to meet and exceed these commitments and demonstrate excellence to our customers, tenants and the community.