KAA Announces Plans to De-Congest JKIA’s Terminal 1A Very urgently

NAIROBI, JANUARY 17, 2022: Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) wishes to advise the travelling public and, in particular, international travellers to expect longer processing times and passenger queues during peak hours of 8pm to 11 pm at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s departure Terminal 1A. This situation has arisen partly due to intensified health screening procedures instituted to combat the COVID1-19 pandemic coupled with significant traffic growth normally witnessed at this time of the year. The unavailability of JKIA’s Terminals 1B and 1C which are at advanced stages of refurbishment has compounded the situation.

In order to address this challenge, KAA, in conjunction with various stakeholders, has taken a number of remedial measures. A multi-agency facilitation team comprising among others, KAA, airlines, Port health, Airport Police and Immigration personnel, has been instituted and tasked to respond to issues of passenger facilitation, passenger processing and queue management. Passengers with special needs such as those with reduced mobility or travelling with young children will continue to be accorded priority in terms of facilitation. In addition, a number of international flights have been relocated from Terminal 1A to Terminal 2 while the deployment levels for Port Health and airline staff involved in document checks has been scaled up. Alongside these measures, KAA is prioritising the ongoing refurbishment of JKIA’s Terminal 1B and C for completion within the next three months.

To compliment these efforts, we kindly request passengers to arrive at the airport at-least 3 hours before their scheduled departure times and to take into consideration the extended travel times to the airport due to the ongoing construction of the JKIA- Nairobi Express Way. We further advise passengers to ensure strict compliance with all travel requirements of their destination countries prior to arrival at the airport.

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