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KAA partners with British Government to enhance Security at Airports

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November 29, 2012: The Department for Transport through the British High Commissioner to Kenya His Excellency Dr. Christian Turner donated two Explosive Trace Detector machines to the Kenya Airports Authority, to enhance the aviation security detection capability at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). The equipment which can detect a wide range of explosives and explosive device, are among the latest technology used to globally.

On presenting the equipment His Excellency Dr Christian Turner said “Terrorism is a global issue and the UK Government is keen to continue its good working relationship with the Kenya Government on aviation security, in an effort to protect the citizens from acts of terrorism.’

“Aviation is a global business with a world-wide network of countries which are all potentially vulnerable to attack. ’We are all facing the same difficult challenges in defending our aviation industries from the threat of terrorism, so we should help one another and share experiences in our efforts to improve aviation security standards across the region. ’ Remarked Dr Christian Turner

While receiving the equipment, the Managing Director Kenya Airports Authority Eng. Gichuki said ‘The British Government’s donation of screening equipment and continued training of our staff has enhanced the level of security within our airports. These efforts have reassured and reinforced the passengers and aircraft operators’ confidence that ensure continued use of our airports, as witnessed by an increased passenger, cargo and aircraft through-put.’
The donation which brings to eight the number of ETD machines donated by the British Government is worth about Sh7 million. Alongside the ETD donation, KAA will also receive ETD Equipment consumables every six months and ETD technical servicing and maintenance by British experts. In addition to the machines, the UK government is offering various levels of aviation security training courses to the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and the Anti Terrorist Police Unit (ATPU) on: ETD Operation; X-ray screening; Physical search of baggage and people; and Aviation Security Managerial skills.

Over 128 airport security staff have already been trained on the use of the explosive trace detectors that have a record speed (10 seconds) in detecting explosives and narcotics. Another 21 staff have been taken through aviation security manager’s course and another 37 taken through a security supervision course.


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