Kenya Airports Authority Hosts Successful Cargo Stakeholders’ Meeting

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) today had the distinct pleasure of hosting a Cargo Stakeholders’ Meeting. The event proved to be a significant gathering, promoting dialogue and networking opportunities within the air cargo sector.

The esteemed KAA Board Chairman, Hon. Caleb Kositany, officiated the event, underscoring the pivotal role that air cargo plays in Kenya’s economic development. His insightful remarks emphasized the importance of continued conversations surrounding this vital sector.

With more than 100 participants in attendance, including cargo handling service operators, freight forwarders, and representatives from various airlines, the meeting provided a valuable platform to deliberate and reflect on ongoing developments in the air cargo industry.

The gathering was further enriched by the presence of KAA’s Acting Managing Director, Mr. Henry Ogoye, and the General Manager in charge of Marketing and Business Development, Mr. Jacob Bwana. Their active participation added depth to the discussions, highlighting the collective commitment to fostering growth and innovation in the air cargo sector.

This event marks a significant step toward enhancing air cargo services in Kenya, and the KAA team looks forward to more such productive interactions in the future.

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